Why Us ?


  • We offer a combined package of over 21 years of professional excellence, 4000 plus committed soldiers, a vibrant presence in many parts of India and over 500 satisfied customers.
  • We are led by a highly motivated, qualified and experienced top management team who are trained in Israeli pattern of security management in risk mitigation and loss control.
  • We lay great emphasis on proper selection and training of our guards, supervisors and security officers. This has helped in making us a skilled player in areas of contemporary security, fire control, visitor / access control, crisis management, basic electronics and IT.
  • We focus on man-management and ensure that our posts are manned by our personnel who are technically well-equipped to handle sophisticated integrated security management systems.
  • We comply with statutory obligations like PF, ESIC, Service-Tax, Professional Tax etc.
  • We are a 24X7 holistic loss prevention Organization with peak functional efficiencies to tackle any type of security situation anywhere.
  • We maintain a sustained level of operational performance par excellence. This has helped us in keeping secured our position as a market leader in Security Industry.
  • Provide Value Added Service by training your staff is security awareness and evacuation drill in a fire emergency.
  • Our intensive preparation and training of our personnel focuses on customer service, public relation, surveillance techniques, fire health and safety aspects.
  • We believe that image is everything and a first impression is a lasting one and each of our employees will strive to represent your organisation and take pride in what you do.

Our people are our biggest strength. From entry level security officer to the CEO, everyone remains committed to provide the highest level of service possible.

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