Cash In Transit Services

The transport division of EXPERTSGROUP ®, Expert Cash-In-Transit Services deals with the task of securing transfer of cash and valuables in transit, ATM replenishments and multi-point cash collection for Banks, Financial Institutions and Jewellers. Our aim is to provide tailor-made solutions that match the specific needs of each individual customer.


  • Transfer of cash and valuables to and fro client's destination.
  • ATM Replenishment.
  • Multi point cash collection.
  • Secured transfer of valuables.


  • Well- trained security crew with valid gun licenses.
  • Mobile Phone facility.
  • Global positioning system to monitor vehicle movements and disabling it during times of emergency.
  • World class cash vans with state-of-the-art protection facility against ambush by hostile elements.

Our advantage lies in the expertise of our in-house design and development team for customization of armoured / non-armoured cash vans as per International Standards. We lay strong emphasis on R&D, Training and Customer needs and maintain a highly sophisticated fleet of Cash-In-Transit equipped to meet customer requirements. Each Cash-in-Transit is innovatively designed and structured to adapt to market needs and contingencies.

We currently provide Cash-In-Transit services to several public sector, private and multinational banks, financial institutions, jewellery showrooms, and retail outlets. Looking ahead, we remain committed to building strong relationships and working in partnership with our customers to meet their ever-changing needs.

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