Training Academy –EISSM

Security guards are sentinels of our organisation; professional training provides the security guards with right knowledge, skills and instincts essential to provide befitting security to our clients as in today's modern world, security personal needs to be a cut above the rest.

Security without training is akin to a river without water. The world today is confronted by threats and dangers of all kinds. It calls for security professionals who have the expertise to address the issue at all levels and who are trained in all aspects of security issues.

At EXPERTSGROUP ®, we recognise the importance of training and to meet the growing demand for quality training, Expert Institute of Security and Safety Management (EISSM) was conceptualised. A state-of-the-art academy with truly world class facilities and faculty team, EISSM not only provides training to our guarding personnel, but also to:

  • An individual aiming to enhance life skills and personal safety.
  • A professional wishing to progress the career within the ssecurity industry.
  • An organization aiming to ensure the safety and well-being of your staff and the general public.

EISSM provides a comprehensive training curriculum and instruction in all aspects of security management against the modern day security imperatives in its state-of-the-art campus in Hyderabad. Trained by certified industry specialists, security trainees are put through minimum 15 - 30 days training program which covers all aspects of security including, physical training fire fighting/ fire safety, commando, unarmed combat, martial arts, emergency rescue drills, handling computerized security system and visitors control, use of quality intelligence and accurate risk assessment. In addition to this, security trainees also undergo extensive training in soft skills which is need of the hour.

The faculty team wide experience in consultancy, implementation and support of security projects give an extra dimension to our training. Teaching methods at the academy includes lectures and workshops including presentations, video and security demonstrations.

The goal is to make the security trainees well-prepared to face and react correctly against hostile actions against people, assets and infrastructure of esteemed clientele.

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